(July 07, 2017) Learning From The Successful & Why 401ks & IRAs Are Epic Fails For America

Lifestyles Unlimited


Among other things, Steve breaks down a piece of his past to frame up why success is imperative for any mentor of yours to have, whether they're family, friends, peers...whoever. If they don't have success in what you're talking about, they don't have your map to get there. Then, Steve engages in a live email conversation with a listener trying to convince his wife of the failures of 401ks and IRAs. Lastly, Steve talks with a teacher who's trying find something better than his Teaching Retirement System of Texas pension plan.Click To Listen Now

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Lifestyles Unlimited is a real estate investing and mentoring group that has been serving real estate investors since 1990. Lifestyles Unlimited takes people by the hand through the process of locating property, evaluation of property, negotiaton of property, and long-term managment of everything from single-family homes to 600 unit apartment complexes.


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