(July 01, 2017) Your Saturday Investor Grab Bag

Lifestyles Unlimited


After strongly hitting Del Walmsley's Three Rules of Investing, Steve discusses an impressive amount of other important topics of interest: a case study of a man who would have outlived his nest egg without real estate; the downside to investing through an IRA; what to focus on when starting multifamily investing; why it's still smart to buy in an up/seller's market; buying real estate with deferred maintenance; putting dead equity to work; where the DFW market is going; and, being leery of lease contracts of two years or more in certain states.Click To Listen Now

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About Lifestyles Unlimited:

Lifestyles Unlimited is a real estate investing and mentoring group that has been serving real estate investors since 1990. Lifestyles Unlimited takes people by the hand through the process of locating property, evaluation of property, negotiaton of property, and long-term managment of everything from single-family homes to 600 unit apartment complexes.


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