(July 10, 2017) The 5-Step Plan For Radical Disruptive Change

Lifestyles Unlimited


It's time to start thinking big. But, how big? It's time to make serious changes. But, to what degree? Today is the day to disrupt absolutely everything! But, why!? All of these questions are important if you are truly going to disrupt the cycle of normal incremental change with something radical. Without them, you will never truly have an effect on the status quo. Today, Del Walmsley delivers a 5-step plan born from the paradigm shifts of his life to get you there.Click To Listen Now

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About Lifestyles Unlimited:

Lifestyles Unlimited is a real estate investing and mentoring group that has been serving real estate investors since 1990. Lifestyles Unlimited takes people by the hand through the process of locating property, evaluation of property, negotiaton of property, and long-term managment of everything from single-family homes to 600 unit apartment complexes.


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